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Trade in your Bible for yaoi

Established in 2005, Atheist Agenda is an atheist group organized by students and teachers of the University of Texas at San Antonio. It has been reported by the mass media several times because of its (in)famous "Smut for Smut" campaign i.e. trade in your religious books for pornography. Trade in your Bible for porn, atheists urge college students
Texas College Campus Divided Over Bible for Porn CampaignWhat does it have anything to do with anime or manga then? Watch the following news footage:
From KABB Fox San AntonioLook at the female student fujōshi who was saying "Homosexual porn!" while taking the book she got from the brown envelop: it was Ijiwaru na Kuchibiru (意地悪な唇) by Ryou Sakurai (桜井りょう)As far as I know, none of the manga by Ryou Sakurai has not been licensed in North America yet, thus the news footage has become an unexpected advertisement.Thanks to ANN user The Xenosproviding the news and screencaps.