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Hatsune Miku Live Parties in Hong Kong, Taiwan This October

Virtual singer Hatsune Miku will hold two concerts in Hong Kong and Taiwan this October. The two locations used to have simulcasts held in theaters (broadcasting live concerts in Japan) but not live concerts, which had been held in Japan and USA only.

Hatsune Miku Hong Kong First Concert "Mikupa♪"

Date:2012-10-02 Place:KITEC Star Hall ( Opens at / Starts at:14:00 / 15:00 (day)
19:00 / 20:00 (night)
(local time) Pricing:Area A: HK$680
Area B: HK$480
Area C: HK$280 Ticketing:HKTICKETING (WWW.HKTICKETING.COM) Tickets start selling at:2012-07-12 10:00

Hatsune Miku Taiwan First Concert "Mikupa♪"

Date:2012-10-06 Place:Taipeishow ( Opens at / Starts at:13:00 / 14:00 (day)
18:00 / 19:00 (night)
(local time) Pricing:Area A: NT$2900
Area B: NT$2200
Area C: NT$1500 Ticketing:ERA TICKET ( Tickets start selling at:2012-07-12 10:00

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Junko Iwao, Kōhei Tanaka to Have Concerts at Paris, Taipei

Singer / voice actress (seiyū) Junko Iwao (Tokiko "Key" Mima in Key the Metal Idol, Tomoyo Daidōji in Cardcaptor Sakura, Serika Kurusugawa in To Heart) has announced her schedule in July on her blog: Japan Expo 2012 in Paris, France (July 5-8) and Fancy Frontier 20 in Taipei, Taiwan (July 28-29). She will attend both events together with composer Kōhei Tanaka (Gunbuster, Sakura Wars series, Gate Keepers). Mr. Tanaka has echoed Ms. Iwao with concerts information on his blog. Iwao and Tanaka had worked together on Licca-chan no Nichiyōbi, Betterman, Gate Keepers, and Kaiketsu Zorori. Source:
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Japan Expo

Japan x Eshi x World @ Taipei, opening day #2

Autograph area. Once the session begins I won't be able to take photographs anymore. Guess who's the lady at far right? ;-)

Japan x Eshi x World @ Taipei, opening day

Not much to be see outside the exhibition room (shrug). The big poster under daylight:
Entrance of the exhibition room:
Fans lined up; fewer than I expected:

Well someone brought something VERY interesting: (LOL)

Japan x Eshi x World @ Taipei

Image (Japanese) Works of over 100 Japanese illustrators will be exhibited at Taipei. Noizi Ito, illustrator of popular series like Shakugan no Shana and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, will give autograph to the first 50 visitors, as well as the champion of cosplayers dressed as characters she has designed. About 20 fans are already lining up the queue. Exhibit area at the night before opening: More photographs will be added tomorrow.

Togainu no Chi @ Shulin ruin

"Shulin ruin," formerly the Shulin maintenance yard of Kuo-Kuang Motor Transportation (state-owned long haul bus service), is a popular spot for photographers and Airsoft military simulators. Took a series of photos with two cosplayers and another photographer yesterday, which was also my first visit to the huge 10-hectares ruin.

TIBE 2012 booth girls / cosplayers photo gallery

All other pictures can be found here.