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Good Smile Café: Café du Madoka Magica

Went to Good Smile Café (GSC) featuring Puella Magi Madoka Magica last Thursday. The picture above was taken at a specific angle to have Taipei Train Station in the picture so non-Taipei residents can identify the location of GSC. Take the elevator to 5th floor and enter the left aisle you'll see a wall of figures, mostly GSC's Nendoroid line. Signboard at the entrance. Merchandise at the right of the entrance. Event-specific dishes and drinks in Madoka theme. Non-event-specific menu has GSC's mascot on it. Browsing Madoka's screenplay on display. The QB curry looked good and tasted good, but I got two complaints: first, the water "glass" was not glass but plastic; only the "Soul Gem" drinks were served in glass. Second, the table was collapsible, making it easy to move around, but with legs extending beyond the border of the tabletop, customers could be tipped by the legs easily. Character and item designs.