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Kami no Shizuku authors visiting Taiwan on June 25

Tadashi Agi and Shū Okimoto, author and artist of Kami no Shizuku (also known as Les Gouttes de Dieu in French), respectively, will visit Taiwan and hold a press conference and wine tasting party on June 25, followed by an autograph session on June 26. There will be a charity auction of a bottle of 1999 Château Palmer to be signed by the authors; the auction money will be donated to World Vision Taiwan.The bottle of 1999 Château Palmer to be auctioned:Being a teetotaler can be problematic when reporting an event like this one....

Petit Fancy 12 (PF12), day two

Dang, I just realized that I haven't 1) posted links to photos of PF12 day two 2) updated my blog for almost two months! For the past month, poor weather and busy day job kept me away from taking outdoor photographs. Anyway, digital photos of PF12 day two are here and film photos are here, respectively.