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Photographs taken at CWT23 have been organized

Album of day 1Album of day 2The two days of CWT23 had fine weathers in Taipei's winter. In addition to standard equipment of S100FS + PE-36S, I also brought out my Konica Auto S1.6, which had only been tested once at 44 South Village after being repaired, coupled with Fujifilm Superia Reala, their finest consumer color negative film, and the results were quite pleasing. Furthermore, K-ON! @ Tien Education Center has been uploaded as well.

Guests of honor of TIBE 2010, first round

GNN, Central Daily, and Mighty Media's own official website have all announced the first round of guests of honors of Comic and Animation Hall, Taipei International Book Exhibition (TIBE) 2010 yesterday afternoon. Four names have been announced: Range Murata (conceptual character designer of Last Exile), Miho Obana (mangaka of Kodocha), Rie Kugimiya (Shana of Shakugan no Shana), and Junko Takeuchi (Naruto Uzumaki of Naruto). Details of autograph eligibility can be read by clicking respective links.Mighty always play big at TIBE (as opposed to Comic Exhibitions in summers); they indeed invest a lot on three guests of honor, all are key figures of their most popular titles, notably merchandise of Shakugan no Shana (life-size pillows in particular). Patients of Kugimiya syndrome are already "burning" right now.On the other hand, Range Murata, who had visited Taiwan three years ago, have little connection with Mighty this year, unless Mighty is looking forward acquiring Shan…

Kiduki, Satō's Manman-chan, An. licensed by d/visual taipei

I was really surprised to see another title (serialized in Gentosha's Web Comic GENZO) from this couple, whom a "small licensee" had announced "would not publish more titles by them (due to terrible sales)," had been acquired by d/visual taipei.By the way, the couple have another title, Usotsuki Paradox, in Hakusensha's Young Animal magazine. I've heard it has some ecchi elements, but can't compare to yet another serialization Sex Nanka Kyōminai in Shogakukan's IKKI (link is NSFW), my second favorite manga magazine (next to Kodansha's Afternoon). Let's hope there will be licensees willing to take both titles in.

Nine new albums with a bunch of old photographs

Recent busy works kept be away from organizing my photographs or updating my blogs. Nine new albums have been added to my yam blog, including some that I had shown but not written for.2009-04-19 Cats along Shen-Ou line; had written a special blog entry for them.

2009-05-13 A friend's kittens

2009-06-28 New Pingsi Coal Mine; had written a Part 1 for my visit.

2009-07-12 Locating Hasshaku-mon (八尺門) tunnel

2009-10-17 Matsu

2009-10-25 PF11 day 2

2009-10-25 PF11 day 2 Rin Kagamine

2009-11-08 Tiansongpi Station of Lotong Forestry Line

2009-11-08 Cats in Houtong
Photos taken at a K-ON!-only event are the last ones to be organized.

Petit Fancy 11 day 1

Cosplayer photographs of the first day of Petit Fancy 11 have been uploaded.This is the third raining Fancy Frontier / Petit Fancy I've been through. Not only lighting was terrible, protecting my camera from raindrops was really tedious. Fortunately, while I hadn't met any acquainted cosplayer on the first day, this group of Oh! Mikey (also known as The Fuccons) did it surprisingly well. Barbara Fuccon's mouth must have been exhausted.

Sora no Otoshimono "flying pantsu" ED becomes reality

The now famous "flying pantsu" ED of Sora no Otoshimono episode 2 has attracted attention all over the world and has been reported by various blogs e.g. KichikuMan. A skilled pervert gentleman hand-made a flapper powered by a rubber band, painted it so the flapper looked like shimapan, and made the ED into reality:Other than "GJ" I'm basically speechless.

Taiwanese TV show 我愛黑澀棒棒堂 plagiarized Zan Sayonara Zetsubō Sensei and K-ON!

Haven't written any new blog post for quite a while, and I just saw this bomb. Basically netizens have sorted up so this post is just for the record / bookmarking.我愛黑澀棒棒堂的開頭是抄來的? ( Ctrl [V] 事件* ) « 紅色長角三倍速
Blog that detonated the bomb.YouTube - 我愛黑澀棒棒堂搶先看
Long YouTube video preview posted by the production company of that TV show.「我愛黑澀棒棒糖」抄襲「絕望先生」、「けいおん!」‐ニコニコ動画(ββ)
Comparison video sorted by anime fans and submitted to Nico Nico Douga.【ニコニコ動画】「我愛黑澀棒棒糖」抄襲「絕望先生」、「けいおん!」Komica 影視 - 我只能說V台真的是白X到極點…
Discussion thread at Komica (a 4chan-like discussion board for otaku).wotupset的網誌: 標題 [閒聊] 我愛黑澀棒棒堂的開頭是抄K-ON... //懶人包
Another bookmark blog post, including some ASCII art from PTT.我愛黑澀棒棒堂 官方網站
The official website of the idol group.I just don't understand why the production company of this specific idol group just love to enrage anime/manga fans. They've done it two years ago; I wonder whether they plagiarized Zan Sayonara Zetsubō Sensei and K-ON! just to start a flame war in order to in…

Sket Dance chapter 91 "Special Mariko Broken"

Image kids... never seen a FamiCom?

Mangaka Miyabi Fujieda bought 100 Tsumugi Kotobuki character song CD

Picture source: 藤枝雅 情報室That's a macho way of shopping.………………Would you please use the same spirit to sum up your manga serializations?
(I like his yuri themes but the endings are often too crappy)

Comic Exhibition Taipei 2009 -- Cosplay Gallery

Due to various reasons, I didn't have enough time to sort out cosplayer pictures taken during Comic Exhibition Taipei 2009 until yesterday. Now they can be found at this album (including two members of Taipei City Council).

Comic Exhibition Taipei 2009 -- Interview of seiyū Toshiyuki Morkiawa

Toshiyuki Morikawa, who played Tyki Mikk in D.Gray-man, Ryuichiro Isaka in Junjō Romantica, among many other roles, arrived at Comic Exhibition Taipei 2009 on August 15. In addition to numerous anime and radio/CD drama characters, Mr. Morikawa also dubs Japanese voices for many Hollywood stars, including Keanu Reeves in The Matrix trilogy, Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible trilogy, and Ewan Mcgregor in the Star Wars prequel trilogy.For the complete interview in English, please visit Anime News Network.

Comic Exhibition Taipei 2009 -- Interview of Riichiro Inagaki & Yusuke Murata, Creators of Eyeshield 21

Riichirō Inagaki (center) and Yūsuke Murata (2nd from right), creators of Eyeshield 21, were invited to attend the 10th Comic Exhibition at Taipei on August 15 and give an autograph session. Like all other guests of the Exhibition, the two donated an autographed signboard to the charity auction, which raised money for the relief effort aimed at the victims of Taiwan's worst flood in 50 years.For the complete interview in English, please visit Anime News Network.

Comic Exhibition Taipei 2009 -- combined autograph session of three Reborn! seiyū

The two-day weekend is when highest number of con-goers attend Comic Exhibition Taipei. Most popular events are often scheduled on the weekend as well. Not surprisingly, I stayed at the convention hall for two full days in order to cover those events. The first one on Saturday morning was a combined autograph session of three Katekyo Hitman Reborn! seiyū: Hidekazu Ichinose (as Hayato Gokudera), Suguru Inoue (as Takeshi Yamamoto), and Takashi Kondo (as Kyouya Hibari). While the original manga of Reborn! is serialized in Tong Li's Formosa Youth (licensed version of Shueisha's Weekly Shōnen Jump), the majority of its fans are young girls, way more celebrity-worshiping than boys at the same age. The fence surrounding the stage area had been crushed five times due to overcrowding.Soon after the main gate had opened, all major routes to Stage A was completely blocked by the crowd.
Quite a few cosplayers are among the crowd.
The spectators have filled every square inches in front of St…

Daily Brief -- Comic Exhibition Taipei 2009 Day 3

I managed to reach there on the third day, yet I still couldn't catch the autograph session of Yūko Aoki, author of Victorian Rose Tailor (sigh).While I haven't read Victorian Rose Tailor personally, judging from the introduction (and title) it's a classical romantic story with lots of detailed descriptions on formal dress and gown. Cosplaying readers posed with Aoki-sensei in the picture above.Similar to yesterday, there was only one autograph session in the afternoon, which was of Hideaki Fujii, author of Battle Spirits: Shōnen Toppa Version.
This is a multi-platform merchandise that has two anime and a card game; the first anime version has been licensed by Muse Communication; however, it's a pity that due to limited time Muse couldn't release its first DVD at Comic Exhibition. The card game has been licensed, and a tournament was held. Fujii-sensei was asked to present the award to the best three players.
The reason Fujii-sensei became a mangaka was quite special…

Daily Brief -- Comic Exhibition Taipei 2009 Day 2

My second day was far worse than the first: due to a sudden mission, my planned schedule was completely screwed and couldn't even allow me to go to the convention hall; all interviewing and photography opportunities were lost. I could only compensate with press release photographs.The first autograph session was illustrator and character designer Akemi Takada. Her Urusei Yatsura, Maison Ikkoku, and Pierrot's Magical Girl series (notably Magical Angel Creamy Mami) were all masterpieces. Takada-sensei volunteered to donate an artwork for charity auction; the revenue will be donated to flood relief efforts. Chinese Comic Publishers Association (CCPA), organizer of Comic Exhibition Taipei, immediately coordinated all foreign and domestic guests to join the effort, with unanimous positive reply. In fact, back in March 2000 when Takada-sensei visited Taiwan for the first time, she donated an artwork for 921 Earthquake, which was sold for a stunning NT$280,000. The price of the 2009 …

Comic Exhibition Taipei 2009 -- Katsumi Nishino autograph session

The first event I could cover was the autograph session of Katsumi Nishino, author of Kanokon novel. Before the autograph session started, I took the opportunity to ask a few questions to Nishino-sensei.Q: Kanokon has two female protagonists, and Chizuru is older (human-age speaking) than Kōta; why did you design such background setting?
A: Personally, I prefer girls slightly elder than myself, and I thought "it would be great if a girl like Chizuru can be at my side."Q: Do you think yourself are similar to the male protagonist (Kōta) in some way?
A: Not at all, but I really envy him.Q: Do you have a specific preference to girls with kemonomimi (animal ears)?
A: Yes! I like kemonomimi very much, and that's why I wrote the story in this way.Q: Fans of your book are divided: some want you to stop this "suggestive" style of writing, yet the other want you write in a more erotic manner. What is your personal opinion on this and how will you continue writing?
A: I resp…