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Petit Fancy 12 (PF12), day one

Photographs of PF12 day 1 have been organized. At first I was about to sort them out on the same day, but there was a memorable moment on Saturday, a friends' meeting on Sunday, and a wedding feast on Monday night, delaying the process till now.So what exactly was that "memorable moment?" It is now well circulated on the web; for the lesser informed, the picture above has the hint: Aya-chan (cosplaying Tianzi-sama from Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 at right) accepted the wedding proposal from her boyfriend right at PF12; to be specific, not in the costume above, but as Haruko Akagi from Slam Dumk, while his boyfriend cosplayed Hanamichi Sakuragi. The secrecy was kept tightly and she had no idea at all; when she realized what was going on she broke into tears in joy.It was a pity that I wasn't there witnessing the moment of truth. Other pictures are available at her web diary.Aside from the Slam Dunk group, I thought this Athena Glory from Aria pictured belo…