Petit Fancy 12 (PF12), day one

Photographs of PF12 day 1 have been organized. At first I was about to sort them out on the same day, but there was a memorable moment on Saturday, a friends' meeting on Sunday, and a wedding feast on Monday night, delaying the process till now.

So what exactly was that "memorable moment?" It is now well circulated on the web; for the lesser informed, the picture above has the hint: Aya-chan (cosplaying Tianzi-sama from Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 at right) accepted the wedding proposal from her boyfriend right at PF12; to be specific, not in the costume above, but as Haruko Akagi from Slam Dumk, while his boyfriend cosplayed Hanamichi Sakuragi. The secrecy was kept tightly and she had no idea at all; when she realized what was going on she broke into tears in joy.

It was a pity that I wasn't there witnessing the moment of truth. Other pictures are available at her web diary.

Aside from the Slam Dunk group, I thought this Athena Glory from Aria pictured below was the best cosplayer among all on day 1. He facial expressions, skin tone, and clothings were almost identical to the manga.

Furthermore, highly visible cosplayer Neneko, who was highly experienced at commercial events, cosplayed Riho Futaba as in Dream C Club. However, there was a horde of photographers trying to take pictures of her due to her high profile, thus it was extremely difficult to take a good angle; flash guns and heads bumped into frames very often. The picture below had taken the light from someone else's flash gun, but the outcome was surprisingly well:

Click here for all other pictures taken by my Fujifilm S100FS; click here for pictures taken by traditional film.


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