Comic Exhibition Taipei 2009 -- Sharp Point Press

Official website:

PR Chief Cyopoko from Sharp Point Press has published franchise information for the 10th Comic Exhibition Taipei on his blog for six consecutive days, including new releases, derived goodies, and autograph sessions. The most attractive item is this life-size limited edition (for Taiwan only) Chizuru pillow illustrated by Koin, the original illustrator of Kanokon novel. The cosplayer holding this pillow is Neneko; her other pictures can be found at her photo album.

In fact I've met Neneko once, way before this publicity photograph was released. It was at the ceremony of Taiwan Kadokawa 1st Light Novel & Illustration Contest, where she played Kadokawa's top virtual idol Haruhi Suzumiya; I even took this picture in her album. It is quite embarrassing that I couldn't identify her immediately when I saw her playing Chizuru; instead I only felt a sense of deja vu.

In addition to this life-size pillow, SPP will also release a square pillow featuring Bunka Shōjo:

Cosmetic pouches from four domestic mangaka:

Nabari no Ō art book and official setting for the anime:

K-ON! volume 2, hot like freshly baked cupcake thanks to Kyoto Animation:

Long running Nana volume 20, Ikkitōsen volume 15, Hayate the Combat Butler volume 18, and Pandora Hearts volume 7, plus newly acquired Kämpfer and Kami no Misoshiru Sekai:

And a bunch of light novels:

The Kanokon pillow is expected to be sold out in a matter of minutes. With that and cosplayer Neneko (a cosplayer of Nozomu will accompany her) will bring sensation to the convention hall for sure.


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