Comic Exhibition Taipei 2009 -- Top-Insight

Top-Insight International has also announced its official web page of events and merchandises during Comic Exhibition Taipei 2009. However, the index page seems to be incomplete, yet "hot merchandise" and "seiyū bundle pre-order" have been completed.

(Man this is a bloody long page……)

According to this list of merchandises, in addition to D.Gray Man, Gundam 00, and NANA (all Top-Insight's flagships), Junjō Romantica and To Love-Ru have been listed as well. Looks like they've licensed those two fan-servicy titles (for girls and boys, respectively).


Jackie said…
Hello! I found your blog by following your post about the Exhibition on ANN. Thank you so much for covering this event! I'm in Taipei for the summer and I was so happy to discover that there's to be a con here too! (Sad to be missing Otakon haha) I checked your posts for some previous years and it looks awesome :D The Chinese webpages are driving me up a wall though >< but slowly, slowlyy, I'm getting through them! Would you be able to tell me if there's some sort of pre-reg available for this now? Oh - and any suggestions as a veteran of this con?

Thanks again! :)
Jackie said…
Ack - contact info would be a good idea too huh ^^" I don't have a blogger so I'm not sure if you can reply to what I just wrote...

Just to be safe, if so inclined!, you can e-mail me at
dormcat said…
Hi, Jackie, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog!

If the "pre-reg" you meant is about the autograph session then you have to preorder a "kit" in order to obtain seiyū's autographs; unfortunately Toshiyuki Morikawa's kit has been sold out, but Shinichiro Miki's kit still has some available. The problem is that you have to register first ( and, as you might have expected, the page is written in Chinese.

However, if you mean the "pre-reg" of the "con" then don't worry about it: there's no registration at all; we sell tickets (anonymous) instead. The American cons uses "registration" as a "gathering of fans" to avoid some laws and regulations specified for ticket-selling events. If you don't want to wait in lines you could buy tickets in advance at Family Mart convenience stores that open 24/7.

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