Daily Brief -- Comic Exhibition Taipei 2009 Day 3

I managed to reach there on the third day, yet I still couldn't catch the autograph session of Yūko Aoki, author of Victorian Rose Tailor (sigh).

While I haven't read Victorian Rose Tailor personally, judging from the introduction (and title) it's a classical romantic story with lots of detailed descriptions on formal dress and gown. Cosplaying readers posed with Aoki-sensei in the picture above.

Similar to yesterday, there was only one autograph session in the afternoon, which was of Hideaki Fujii, author of Battle Spirits: Shōnen Toppa Version.

This is a multi-platform merchandise that has two anime and a card game; the first anime version has been licensed by Muse Communication; however, it's a pity that due to limited time Muse couldn't release its first DVD at Comic Exhibition. The card game has been licensed, and a tournament was held. Fujii-sensei was asked to present the award to the best three players.

The reason Fujii-sensei became a mangaka was quite special: he determined to become one after watching the popular anime Neon Genesis Evangelion, for he wanted to illustrate something that makes people ponder and change the world. Now he's still working hard to achieve this goal.


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