Taiwanese TV show 我愛黑澀棒棒堂 plagiarized Zan Sayonara Zetsubō Sensei and K-ON!

Haven't written any new blog post for quite a while, and I just saw this bomb. Basically netizens have sorted up so this post is just for the record / bookmarking.

我愛黑澀棒棒堂的開頭是抄來的? ( Ctrl [V] 事件* ) « 紅色長角三倍速
Blog that detonated the bomb.

YouTube - 我愛黑澀棒棒堂搶先看
Long YouTube video preview posted by the production company of that TV show.

Comparison video sorted by anime fans and submitted to Nico Nico Douga.

Komica 影視 - 我只能說V台真的是白X到極點…
Discussion thread at Komica (a 4chan-like discussion board for otaku).

wotupset的網誌: 標題 [閒聊] 我愛黑澀棒棒堂的開頭是抄K-ON... //懶人包
Another bookmark blog post, including some ASCII art from PTT.

我愛黑澀棒棒堂 官方網站
The official website of the idol group.

I just don't understand why the production company of this specific idol group just love to enrage anime/manga fans. They've done it two years ago; I wonder whether they plagiarized Zan Sayonara Zetsubō Sensei and K-ON! just to start a flame war in order to increase their exposure. Let's see if I can have ANN to post this as a front page news...


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