Nine new albums with a bunch of old photographs

Recent busy works kept be away from organizing my photographs or updating my blogs. Nine new albums have been added to my yam blog, including some that I had shown but not written for.

2009-04-19 Cats along Shen-Ou line; had written a special blog entry for them.

2009-05-13 A friend's kittens

2009-06-28 New Pingsi Coal Mine; had written a Part 1 for my visit.

2009-07-12 Locating Hasshaku-mon (八尺門) tunnel

2009-10-17 Matsu

2009-10-25 PF11 day 2

2009-10-25 PF11 day 2 Rin Kagamine

2009-11-08 Tiansongpi Station of Lotong Forestry Line

2009-11-08 Cats in Houtong

Photos taken at a K-ON!-only event are the last ones to be organized.


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