2009-12-19 Bahamut (www.gamer.com.tw) anniversary pictures uploaded

Click here for the album (digital).

The anniversary gathering of Bahamut (www.gamer.com.tw) is a real challenge for photographers: heavy overcast and drizzle outdoor; the gaming area is completely packed; the anime/manga area, while backgrounds and lightings were provided for photographers, the arrangement of those equipments were hastily prepared and I'd rather it had none.

The most valuable experience I learned from this event was comparing digital and film photographs under the same composition and sensitivity (ISO). Surprisingly, the combination of Konica Auto S1.6 and Fujifilm Superia X-TRA 400 produced very high saturation and contrast (see below):

Pictures taken by S100FS had to be increased 15% contrast and 30% saturation, respectively, in order to produce similar results.


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