FF15 / CWT24, day one

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The weather of FF15 / CWT24 this year was the coldest one I had ever encountered; a strong cold front brought the temperature below 10 degree Celsius. I had to wear my thickest feather jacket when I return to Taipei on Friday. While Saturday morning was not as cold as Thursday and Friday, cosplayers were fewer than previous events; lighting was far from satisfactory either.

Tiger × Dragon groups were the most prominent among grouped cosplayers (four or more groups), probably because of the Year of Tiger; SOS-dan, which had been dominating cosplaying for the past few years, were significantly reduced. By the way, it would be fun if the three cosplayers in the picture above showed up at Rie Kugimiya's autograph session at Taipei International Book Exhibition.

While it's cold outside (literally and figuratively), it was a complete chaos within the stadium: due to the events were held after the Chinese New Year, many young people have extra cash ("little red envelops"), plus FF15 and CWT24 could only occupy one floor each, thus the male-themed area were so crowd that I myself was stuck in the line for 15 minutes. And I mean completely STUCK: not just "in the line," but couldn't move in any direction. Popular Japanese dōjin circle PLUM and its numerous staff moved entirely to the seating area on the fourth floor. The funniest part was that VIVA-sensei (creator of Sun Yat-sen series) foretold the "future" by predicting the chaos in his newest dōjinshi Public Execution, premiered at FF15.


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