Thursday, February 25, 2010

Photos of cosplay contest of TIBE 2010

Three weeks have passed since the end of Taipei International Book Exhibition (TIBE) 2010. Due to some personal factors I haven't had my album organized and uploaded, and I feel terribly sorry to cosplayers and friends whom I promised to give photos to. This time I tried to use the built-in Flash direct linkage to my album at Yam, but it was buggy and could only display resized pictures using Internet Explorer, not with Firefox, forcing me to re-upload the title picture to Photobucket. For larger pictures (960 x 720 pixels) please click here.

A cosplayer stole our attention: "yakiisis" (Naruto Uzumaki in the picture above) from the invited cosplay circle "304" which came all the way from Hangzhou. Her "Nobody Dance" (for the uninitiated: it came from Wonder Girls) was not only well-memorized, but each beat was full of strength and speed, yet her body figure remained soft and flexible. Since she has "dancing" as a skill in her personal profile, I'd say she has been practicing dancing and/or stage drama since early childhood. In contract, Taiwanese cosplayers have a long way to go in the area of stage performance.

The next task would be resurrecting the abandoned railway series, plus over 800 photos of Fancy Frontier 15 last week....